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Roller Skate Trick Tips w/ Estro Jen: HOW TO SPIN on Roller Skates I chose serve and volley as my next player upgrade. I recommend this book, especially if you just want something enjoyable to read that doesn't make you have to keep an excel spreadsheet of all the characters and what they are doing and where is las vegas casino. XP from sparring is not enough to evolve your player unless you've been playing online any. Casino Jackpot pГҐ 100 millioner kr - Rizk Online Casino person found this helpful. Pay careful attention to detail Beste Spielothek in Buttjebull Lund finden selecting the eyes of your character if you have a special look in mind. Be careful if you use the left analog stick to Beste Spielothek in Oberlaitsch finden your shot though, it doesn't take much movement to hit a ball out of bounds. Timing is everything when he does this. You reward for beating him is Beste Spielothek in Birkenreuth finden. In my case, my two weakest attributes were speed and reflexes. Seeing that my Ultimate Objectives show me as having two more sparring matches left to play to meet the minimum requirementI decided here to get one of them out of the way. Click here for video of the Screed Support in action.

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Fernando Gonzalez, Samantha Stosur. This is supposed to be an AeroPro Drive. Head Microgel Prestige MP. Head Youtek Speed Pro.

Prince EXO3 Ignite Prince EXO3 Rebel Yonex RQiS 1 Tour. Similar to Top Spin 3, Top Spin 4 provides a narrow pathway to character development, however coaches have returned this time around and are a significant part of the game.

Top Spin 4 utilizes XP which can be accumulated through the monthly sparring opportunities, exhibition events, tournaments, and basically any use of your custom character in non-career mode matchplay e.

Distribution of XP in TS4 comes from selecting one of three types of player style: By carefully selecting certain coaches throughout your career, you will find that many offer XP bonus rates for finishing matches and will boost certain attributes provided you complete their specified challenges.

Both the silver and gold level coaches will provide you specific skills that will dramatically improve your game. The highest level your player can attain is Level 20 - - which is a first time in the Top Spin franchise that a custom player can be on equal terms with regard to level status with professional players.

In addition to earning XP throughout your career, you will have numerous opportunities to unlock clothing packs by winning tournaments.

Unlike any of the previous Top Spin games, there is no money-system in Top Spin 4. If the clothing and equipment is available in your locker, it is yours to use as you wish.

For more skilled players, the earliest you can attain the 1 ranking and "Legend" status is in Season 3. If you wish to simply reach Level 20, you can do that in the second half of Season 2.

Less than 10 hours of game time is required to max out each custom character, however the notion of unlocking additional coaches and acquiring additional achievement points and clothing for winning "Dream Matches" will likely extend your career through Year 4 which is when you can achieve "The Greatest" achievement aka the "Secret Achievement".

Please note that the following guide is subject to revisions as I go through career mode with multiple characters. Furthermore, let me emphasize that the following schedule is one of the best routes to take for completing career mode on the default "normal" difficulty setting.

That being said, you may or may not find this path easy - - but hopefully my tips and tricks will help you overcome any challenges that await you!

If you are bold and choose the hard difficulty setting, I will be offering advice for that as well. Quite simply, don't waste your time playing on Very Easy.

Scrub players have zombie-like behavior, and pro players do not play anywhere near the ability they should truly represent.

This mode should be used only for people who have coordination problems or have difficulty getting used to the control scheme of the game.

Scrub players pose no challenge, and pro players only present a challenge during the semi-final and final rounds of Grand Slam tournaments. Also noteworthy, a pro player in the final of a Masters Tournament plays a lot easier and different in terms of gameplay than the same pro player in a final or semifinal of a Grand Slam event.

This is the default difficulty mode, and is expected to be utilized by most gamers at least the first time through or through the first few seasons.

Hard is a solid choice for seasoned veterans of the Top Spin franchise. Scrubs are a little more "aware" and track the ball a bit better, and pros play more like their real life counterparts.

Andy Roddick moves like he has a 70 speed rather than his listed Scrub players are actually fun to play at this level. Pros pose a challenge at every event.

A very one-sided custom-player is recommended i. I've determined through an insane amount of play testing that at the Very Hard difficulty, that CPU Pro players respond to button presses as opposed to calculated percentages in shot selection and court coverage.

In otherwords, if you press "RB" to begin running to a side of the court, the CPU will detect the "RB" being used and immediately try to wrong foot you.

It's rather ridiculous to see improbable shot making as a result of this. Furthermore, on surfaces such as clay, pro players in the final two rounds of the French Open will have their slides reduced dramatically to where they have nearly no traction loss at all quite contrary to your custom player who will still slide a fair amount.

Additionally, these pro-players will also exhibit "boosted stats" to an even more extreme. Using the same case of Andy Roddick and his speed as mentioned above, he will now be even faster than a 70 speed despite having a listed 59 rating.

I've also noticed that despite my custom players having more stamina than say, Novak Djokovic, and the fact that I often have him doing a lot more running than I - - my custom player will become exhausted well before he does.

Your opponent's will often times get lucky clipping the net more often , and your timing for "perfect" and "good" shots demands a bit more precise timing with your button presses.

This difficulty level is recommended for more advanced players. Expert difficulty is not one of the standard choices at the start of the game, but can be unlocked by winning a Grand Slam event on "Very Hard.

This difficulty level is recommended for only the most advanced players. Your career will start off with you entering the pro tour as a Newcomer.

From the "Play Screen," you will see a calendar of events with each month being divided into two sections: The first section is designed to improve your player through practice sessions or exhibitions.

The second section is actual tournament play, and as you progress through the game, more advanced tournaments will become available.

These events can be further defined as: On "normal" difficulty, all coaching objectives can be reasonably met in two tournaments. The drawback is that switching coaches often may delay your player's ability to reach Level 20 by a month or two.

Knowing this, always monitor the series' standings after each tournament you participate in, and keep in mind how many tournaments you have left in the year.

Proper tournament selection is critical if you want to maximize your custom player in the least amount of time.

If you see that you are tied with a CPU player for the lead in a certain series, but one win behind in another - - that latter series should be your priority until you at least match the leader.

At seasons' end, even if you are tied for the lead with a CPU player, you will be awarded XP as if you were the title holder.

For the second and third seasons, simply play the most presigious tournaments. Not only should you be attentive to the accumulation of XP, but you will need to steadily grow your fan-base as well.

In order to unlock various tournaments, you must reach certain status levels in addition to being a popular player as indicated by the number of fans you acquire.

Simply put, don't discount the importance of your fans! This will list your progress with regard to meeting the objectives necessary to advance to the next status level.

Also, the "Event Info" box will detail important information regarding the XP payouts for winning. Do not blast through tournaments hoping to win points in two or three shots, but instead play methodically with specific goals and objectives in mind.

In some cases, you will need to stretch out points to achieve your assigned objectives. Over time and through experience, you will figure out what is required of you and what you need to do in order to achieve your goals.

In the Career Path section of this guide, I outlined the coaches I selected throughout my offline career mode, but perhaps they are not best suited for your style of play.

That said, coaches are of tremendous value in Top Spin 4, and it pays to spend a little time reviewing your options. Coaches are an instrumental part of your custom player's development as they are responsible for providing additional XP for your player through sparring and tournament matches, offering skill bonuses that are obtained by completing specified objectives, and improvements to certain attributes of your player.

Coaches are classified into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The lower the level, the easier and less intensive the coach's objectives are.

That said, most Gold-level coaches can have their objectives met in two tournaments provided you pay close attention to how you are adjusting your style of play to meet those goals.

It is important to note that whatever skills your coach imparts onto you e. Diesel Serve, Shot Counter, etc. This makes for fun experimentation when competing online against different styles of play.

Gold begin at Level If a Silver Coach requires you to level up Offensive Baseline 13 times in order to appear, you must be sure to do so 13 out of your first 14 upgrades because on your 15th level-up, Silver Coaches will cease to appear as Gold will take over.

Gold Coaches Appear between levels Julio Demorales Longer, Better! Remi Ercolani Longer, Better! Julien Friedlander Longer, Better!

Matthias Wanlin Longer, Better! Special Skills and Descriptions: You hit more powerful shots when your opponent is at the net.

You become more and more precise with your power shots during a rally. You perform more and more efficient return shots during service returns.

Your shot is more precise if you aim to the open court. You are on fire when you are on a 4-point or more winning streak during a set.

You experience more powerful shots when you perform an inside out swing. You reach your maximum power sooner on power shots. Your performance at hitting low volleys improves considerably.

You play more precise shots and and make less errors when you are trailing in a game. You play more precise shots when your opponent is at the net.

You make it more difficult for your opponent to hit effcient shots off your low slices. You play more efficient shots when on the run and stretching to hit the ball.

You experience better shot making when hitting a ball that bounces right at your feet. You will experience more efficient slices the more you use them during a rally, resulting in them being more difficult to return effectively by your opponent.

You play more efficient shots when you are facing game point. You expand your arsenal of volleys to perform spectacular shots.

You gain the ability to hit devastating spin serves. You find that the more you use top spin during a rally, the more efficient that shot will become.

Your normal, control and drop shot volleys are more efficient. You play more precise shots when you wrong foot your opponent i. Schedule and Career Path: Again, the outline described below is one of the more efficient paths through career mode on the "normal" difficulty setting, and with the plan of creating a quality all-court player.

I always recommend to new gamers that developing an all-court player is the way to go for a first-time creation. Enter two minor tournaments, win 1 minor tournament, obtain more than 5, fans.

To reach rookie status that will qualify you for major tournaments. Pay close attention to what challenge your coach offers you at the start of the second game of your sparring match.

Many times, he or she will offer a bonus of 50XP if you accomplish a task during that second service game. Use control shots during most of your rallies.

Switch to a power shot when you get the short, put-away ball. E nter the Houston Open tournament which is played on clay.

The slower surface should make it easier if you are new to the game. This match consists of 10 point tie-break.

My first opponent was a player by the name of Dave Halse Level 3. Serve up the center "T" with an advanced serve using the right analog stick. Dave will almost always return the ball right back to you which you can easily hit to the open court for a winner.

When returning Dave's serve, return it down the line every time. This will either result in a clean winner, or, cause him to chase down your shot.

If he does get to your return, he will leave almost the entire court wide open for you to hit a winner to. My second round opponent was Yue Lin Ding.

Look for his return to land either mid-court or the line furthest from you. If he does go for the line shot, he'll leave the entire cross-court shot for you wide open.

He will likely hit his return cross court which you can then place down the line. My third round opponent was Carlos Cuello Level 5. Try to keep him pinned to one side of the court and look for a shot that he puts around mid-court.

Take that ball and hit with power to the open court i. At the conclusion of this match, you will have obtained approximately XP and 5, fans. Exit the match and proceed to your player evolution screen.

Defensive baseline and offensive baseline both share the same forehand, backhand and stamina bonus. Provided you have been banking your XP up to this point, and won the Houston Open, you can upgrade your player three times in one setting before moving on to February.

If this is the case with you, upgrade your player with one of each of the three style options. In the event you did not win the Houston Open, below are my recommendations of which style I would choose in order of preference to start out with: Defensive Baseline significant boosts to forehand and backhand, speed and stamina 2.

Serve and Volley improvement to your serve this early in the game can win you lots of free points if you use the "risk serve" 3.

Once you select Serve and Volley for your second upgrade, coach Adele Gillet becomes available. Selecting Offensive Baseline unlocks coach Oliver Gentner.

Check the coach's skills box to see what their objectives are for earning bonus XP. For instance, with Gentner, he offers a bonus of 3 XP for 1 winner from the baseline.

I chose Gentner as my first coach. After you select your personal coach, you will see that you are now a Level 4 player.

You now have samples of clothing from Elyan Design in your locker room. Spar against an opponent with a play style of your choice.

If you play Ding, serve down the line. From the deuce court, he will hit a neutral reply pretty much right back to you. From the ad-court, he will return down the line.

As with all sparring matches, you will be given a challenge in the second service game your first return game.

This challenge is to not make any unforced errors. Simply win the game using control shots. If you do this, and win the match while trying to work on your overall coaching objectives too, you will get something like the following: Many gamers will have the mentality of wanting to plow through this game to get their custom character maxed out in a hurry.

They will try to win points as quickly as possible. However, you will receive a better payoff if you spend a little more time working on your coach's objectives during sparring and tournament matchplay.

The quicker you can meet those goals, the easier it becomes for you later in the game - as your player will become more advanced sooner than later.

At this early stage in the game, make it your goal to get all of your attribute ratings out of the 30s.

I chose Serve and Volley here in order to boost my reflexes, speed, and volley - - all of which are low. Here, a new coach becomes available: Decline the offer to sign him.

Your opponents may look like this for the event: If you serve to his forehand side, he will hit floating returns. Pro Tactic - If you hit to the deuce court against Willows, he may go crosscourt on you.

Be on the lookout for this. If all goes well, you will have met all of your coach's objectives, unlocked new skills and bonus attributes, and achieved the baseline XP bonus.

At this stage, make it your goal to move all of your attributes to no lower than I chose the Defensive player upgrade first, followed by Serve and Volley.

The latter move raises your reflexes and volley skills to the 40s. This will certainly enable you to level up much more quickly than if you had chosen a different coach.

He also adds fairly significant XP upgrades to your forehand, backhand, power, and speed. Wearing a manufacturer's clothing does not yield any bonuses or extra fans if you wear them at a tournament that the sponsor has title rights to.

In other words, if you are given clothing from Qualies, and then wear them at a Qualies tournament, you will see no additional bonuses regardless if you win or not.

Rookie , Elapsed Time: New Talent Status and XP. If you want to keep your opponents somewhat predictable, go with a baseline controller or baseline attacker.

If you choose baseline attacker, you may play Jorge Lucera level 6. He moves poorly to corners, especially to the backhand side.

When he serves, you can either hit outright winners with down the line returns, or at least set yourself up for a winner of his next shot.

Your coach will challenge you to execute a winning drop shot in the second service game for 50 XP. There are no available tournaments in March since they are both locked Masters events.

Pro Tactic - If you hit to the deuce court against Willows, he may go cross court on you. Not much goes in the month of March.

Advance to April after your sparring match. If you want to start looking at different play styles, try playing a serve and volleyer. In this case, you may play Scott Lagrasta, a level 7 player.

He's fairly passive during the first two service games, but in the third, he will serve and volley for the first few points before staying back at the baseline.

To beat him, always return his serve up the line. Your coach will offer up 50 XP if you can win a point with a power passing shot.

To accomplish this, you'll need to bring your opponent to the net with a drop shot. So, be careful to not win points from the baseline.

If you win this sparring session, and collect the 50 XP bonus, you will earn around XP and have the opportunity to level up.

Your updated status will unlock Silver Coaches! Both Sebastian Belton and Radek Sevcik are the first to be available.

Resist the urge to jump ship from your current coach and stay with him until the conclusion of the next tournament.

It is advised that you work on any attributes you have still remaining in the 30 range. This will likely require you to choose the offensive or defensive baseline options.

A win will earn you around XP. You will also be able to Level Up but don't. A win will get you around XP and you should have met all your coach's goals.

Migakis hits his shots to the corners and open court more so than previous opponents up to this point in the game. He also has a bit more power. Look for him to go down the line not reposition himself to the center of the baseline.

When he does this, hit your shot cross court for what should be a winner. You can also look for his cross court shot and not reposition, in which case you should hit your return down the line.

It's almost as if he freezes to watch his shot go over the net? You will have new clothing from Qualies and an invitation by the Top Spin Academy trainer to participate.

I went with increasing my defensive skills. The other appealing option would be serve and volley. If you opt for the latter, you should note that in the near future, your speed level should begin receiving attention.

After leveling up, you will earn a 5 point bonus to add to either your forehand or backhand. I added it to my backhand to keep the m even.

You will have new clothing from Qualies and an invitation by the Top Spin Academy trainer to participate in an upcoming Special Event.

This is an easy way to get XP bonus allowing you to level up once again. If you went with defensive baseliner for your last level-up, then I'd suggest going with serve and volley now.

If you chose serve and volley last time, then I'd recommend going with defensive now. You won't want your volley attribute lagging too far behind even if you don't think you'll ever use it I would recommend hiring a new coach before your next event.

I chose Sebastian Belton who adds 10 points to both power and serve. He is clearly outmatched since you are a level Use power "A" to hit to the open court.

The Munich Championships should be a walkover for you considering your current level is substantially higher than your opponents.

This makes for the ideal opportunity for you to work on achieving your new coach's objectives. Don't focus on burning through this tournament with the shortest number of strokes possible, but instead work on extending points if necessary or intentionally tanking points to extend your service games if needed.

If you chose Sebastian Belton when I did, he has a rather difficult challenge of hitting 5 aces. On your service game s , just keep trying to put your serves up the center line.

If you go up to , you may want to let your A. If you are at game point and still haven't hit your five aces, let your opponent win a point to go to deuce and try for the aces again.

Now, if you are still trying to get the hang of Top Spin 4, this tactic might be a little too risky. Just work within your own abilities and those five aces will eventually come.

You reward for beating him is XP. You will also have additional offers for bonus XP or new fans as well. Special Events Top Spin Academy.

The format of this special event is a bit different than what you may be used to in that you can only score points when you are serving to begin the point.

It is called Serve and Score. If you lose a point on your serve, nothing will happen other than you will turn the serve over to your opponent who will try to add points to his total.

The first person to get six points wins. Open or Seoul Open. I chose the Massachusetts Open because it was a part of the U. Hopefully you have played him enough by now to know his tendencies - Timofei Zhenov level He has poor, tentative movement coupled with neutral shots.

I chose to boost my offensive baseline prowess here. At this point in the game, I am looking at: You will receive a message from a mystery challenger.

You will also receive another message from Isiah Erving inviting you to an event along with others that would inspire youngsters.

Ignore him pulling on your heart strings and go for the mystery challenger and XP reward. Special Events Mystery Challenge.

Go to the Special Events and choose the Mystery Challenge. Your mystery challenger is some no-name player called Mehdi Bougelbere in Dakar.

Beat him by serving wide from the deuce side. He'll return your serve down the line to which you can rip cross court for a winner if you anticipate this and are in good position.

He doesn't have the speed or the desire to chase after your cross court shots. You should gain enough XP to upgrade your player once again.

Top Spin 4 Top Spin 4. Coach Mathias Wanlin becomes available. He will eventually begin hitting his shots wide and long. New Talent , Elapsed Time: Here, I would suggest boosting your offensive baseline capabilities.

You ideally should have everything in the 40s or higher around this time in your first career year. At this point, you really should begin analyzing your options in the special events as well as which tournaments you will be entering for the remainder of the year.

On your main career page, you will note that the various series standings display intermittently. While you can't lead in every series e.

It is important to note that if you finish tied with another player, you will still be considered as the series leader.

If you find yourself making a decision on which tournament to enter in a given month, check where you place on the related series leaderboard.

You need to catch up in the Europe Series and can do that by winning the tournament in Estoril. If you play Jose Minana, use deep top spin pushing up on left analog stick and 'power B' to force him into hitting neutral returns.

XP from sparring is not enough to evolve your player unless you've been playing online any. It's also about time to start increasing your custom player's fan base.

Here, I chose to do the ad campaign to give the Top Spin League a "younger image. My fan base is approximately 52, at this point. Assuming you've had the same successes I've had up to this point in the game, you met all of your previous coach's objectives, and it's time to seek out a new one.

Here, I chose Coach Kirostan. He provides the Diesel Hard Hitter skill, and his objectives should be met within two tournaments. Tournament London Open or Hamburg Open.

This is one of those decision points in the game that requires careful planning. Because of this, I chose the Hamburg Open to compete in so that I can take sole possession of first place.

If you choose the Hamburg Open, your opponents may look like this: You can either do this now before moving on to October, or do so at the start of the new month.

I did it prior to the new month, however I have listed it as the first thing to do in October below. I chose the defensive player option so that I could boost my speed and stamina.

At this point, you should also attain an additional bonus of 5 points to which you can add to either your forehand or backhand.

I chose my backhand so that both sides would be even at You may choose otherwise. Worth noting is the invitation received from Stefan Jantschke who is a physical trainer.

Special Event Physical Training in Munich. Tournament Argentina Open major or California Cup minor. Looking ahead to November, I can see that there is one major event and no minor event.

With that in mind, I went ahead and entered the California Cup to bring myself even with the series leader in the U. In the California Cup, your opponents may be: I was able to meet all of my coach's objectives during the second round of the California Cup by intentionally extending some rallies and intentionally losing some points so that games lasted longer.

You may want to do the same here. Again, I took this opportunity to do so before moving to the next month, however, for the purpose of this guide, I have it noted in November.

I chose serve and volley as my next player upgrade. As soon as this was finalized, Gold Coaches became available. I chose Damian Salazar as my new coach who offers a tremendous upgrade for the serve attribute.

You should receive an email from Jan Benes videogame producer which is hilarious in the sense that it is 2K Czech taking a dig at Sega and their Virtua Tennis series.

Special Event Charity Against Poverty. Choosing this special event will get you playing your first career doubles match! Succeeding at this challenge will get you XP and up to 2, fans.

Winning this event will also unlock the Achievement entitled "Tennis for 2. If your volley skills are not very desirable, I would suggest you use "X" to volley during this match.

It is a control shot, and can be directed fairly effectively. If you are at the net, always angle your volley so that it lands between the net man and his teammate at the baseline.

The tournament at Amsterdam is a major event. Winning this tournament will enable you to achieve the status of "Young Gun" and give you another achievement.

Your opponents may look like this: Migakis serves and volleys at times at Amsterdam. Force him to volley from one side of the court which will cause him to stumble a bit.

Then hit your next shot off his volley to the open court. Young Gun , Elapsed Time: Special Events Medical Research. Here you will play a super tiebreaker against Dejan Vukojevic who is a level 17 player and by far the most advanced that you have faced thus far in Career Mode.

Winning this match will net you XP. Vukojevic is not all that special of a player despite his higher rating.

Simply hit side to side often so that he eventually loses his footing and stalls around the middle of the baseline.

This is a very good match to stretch out a bit if you can because it helps make significant progress with your existing coach's objectives checklist!

Whichever event I participated and won in, I would be a lock for finishing the respective series at 1. If you are in a similar situation and choose the path I did, your Chile Open opponents may look like this: At this point, you should be far more evolved than your opponents, and able to intentionally "tank" a few points to stretch out the overall match.

I did so against Youssouf Zairi when enabled me to obtain enough XP to level up whenever I wanted to do so. Everything else remains the same. Young Gun, Elapsed Time: Get a quick XP by selecting this special event!

Assuming you met all of your existing coach's objectives by the conclusion of last season, it's time to find a new and better one.

At this stage in my career, I chose Matthew Grody who offers nice attribute bonuses to volley, power, and forehand.

The Australian Open is still locked, so defend your Season 1 title in Houston. Your opponents may look something like this: A serve and volley player.

If you are still following the procedure I've outlined thus far, and selected Matthew Grody as your new coach, you'll have to start playing some points at the net.

When it's your turn to receive his serve, move your player straight up towards the net from the default position, and as far as you can go i. When Zairi serves, slice the ball and use the "RB Button" modifier to sprint up towards the net.

Zairi's grounstrokes are not that powerful which should enable you to hit volley winners almost every time.

The best place to slice your service return is down the line, and charge towards the middle to cut off any attempt at a passing shot. A video example of this can be found in my " Cheats Section.

It's been a while since you've last sparred and you need some additional XP in order to level up.

The 50 XP bonus in the second game is easy to achieve, as it requires you to hit three winners before the end of your service game. Remember that any sort of match play will boost your XP and help you achieve the objectives outlined by your coach.

In this particular match possibly against Ricardo Bornonat , you can rack up around XP in total. I chose offensive baseline at this point, still trying to maintain a balance until I can get all of my attribute scores above Hit all of your shots down the lines including service returns.

Will often times return your serve down the line. Look for this shot, take it early, and hit it cross-court. Keep looking for those XP!

Here, you can obtain XP. The 50 XP bonus challenge may be difficult for some gamers. If you are having trouble, try to get your opponent deep to one corner of the court preferably the farthest one from you and anticipate his next shot while you approach the net.

To make your drop shot more effective, pull back on the left analog stick a bit just before you release or tap the 'X' button.

Be wary of winning points through regular groundstrokes or aces during this second game. The idea here is to get a single winner by drop shot.

Make sure you serve to your opponent to get the point going, and hit some deep control shots to position him as needed. You don't want to go for baseline winners here - - you merely want to set your opponent up for the dropper.

I also wanted to improve my standings in the U. This will be the first time you play real-life tour pros. That said, they are really watered down and often times do not get their serves out of the mph range.

Serve to his backhand. Use very tight top spin shots to pull him off the court. I chose serve and volley here. At this point, speed remains my only concern, and something I will need to focus on during my next opportunity.

Hopefully by now you will have met all of your objectives with your current coach, and you may wish to change. I went back to Damian Salazar for the tiem being.

You may prefer another coach that better suits your style of play. Special Event Continental Test. Choose the Continental Test that rewards up to XP.

Here, you will play level 19 player Ricky Singleton in Buenos Aires. The format is called "Percentage Tennis" where the winner is the first to 6 points.

It should be noted that if you aren't consistent in this particular challenge, this game could go on for quite some time.

For winning this exhibition, I acquired XP and 1, new fans! I chose the Sony Ericsson Miami tournament due to it being more prestigious in 'real life.

No power, low speed, and poor volley skills. When serving, keep everything to his backhand. Low speed and weak serve.

Andy has a tendency to pause when he hits the ball straight in line with where he's standing. On his serves, chip your return and charge down the line using 'X' to slice and 'RB' to run.

Volley his next shot to the open court for a winner! In my case, my two weakest attributes were speed and reflexes.

This allows you to play in sponsor challenges. Rising Star , Elapsed Time: Play in Grand Slams. Special Event Continental Test 2.

This will award you XP and up to 2, new fans. The format is "Serve and Score" with the winner being the first to 11 points. You may play Andy Roddick if you've followed the outlined plan thus far.

Serve out wide to Andy every time, and take what he returns and hit to the open court with power 'A'. This should result in a clean winner. Andy is particularly slow to respond to shots hit to his forehand side.

Following these tactics, you should win very easily, and gain around 2, fans. Two more Masters wins gets you access to the Grand Slams - - so choosing the Madrid Masters is a no-brainer.

Leveling up your player becomes a bit more tricky at this point because higher quality coaches are becoming available and they can supplement any deficiencies that you see present, or, they can substantially boost your existing strengths.

Since speed is still a concern of mine at this point, I chose the Defensive upgrade. Three coaches look very appealing at this time: The purpose for "coach-hopping" is so that you have access to them later in the game when you may need to tweak or refine some of your attributes.

It also makes it easier for you to fine tune your custom character for online play with the benefits that various coaches offer.

Play in the Grand Slams. Over , fans are required to enter the Grand Slams, so it's time to start taking advantage of the special events that offer the best opportunities to increase your fan base.

This particular special event offered up some 6, new fans bringing my total at this time to , Unfortunately, this is the best tournament available for the month of June.

You should have no help needed whatsoever in rolling over your opponents. Special Event "Commercial for Fragrance".

You will also note that in your email inbox, you have been declared the 8th most popular player on the tour. This is a major tournament held on clay, and your only option for the month of July.

Use opportunities like this event to work on achieving all of your coach's objectives. Rising Star, Elapsed Time: You will receive an email from Leslie Payton marked "Urgent.

Kind of insulting don't you think? Special Event "Streaming Exhibition Match". This is by far one of the most appealing special events thus far in the game.

The format is doubles play, and the winner is the first to achieve 5 points in a row. You can toggle to see who your partner and opponents are by using the "L" trigger button.

Winning this match should get you somewhere in the area of 5, new fans. I've also observed some "weirdness" with my controls too He will either not respond to the incoming ball, or he'll likely but not always dump the attempted volley into the net.

Getting that can be tricky, and scoring an ace is the easiest way to do it. Again, this is one of those times where you don't have many choices or any choices other than an event like this.

You will be way over-powered compared to your opponents. Use this tournament to finish up on any coaching objectives you have remaining, and modify your game play game style to meet those goals..

Special Event Personal Training in Colorado. You already have more than enough fans so it won't hurt here to go for a bit more XP and start looking at picking away at all of the special events you haven't completed.

I chose this tournament in order to preserve my lead in the Euro Series since there are none left for the remainder of the season. If you choose the Hamburg tournament, you may face the following players: Be careful when hitting to his forehand on the deuce side of the court.

He will likely try to go down the line. He likes to hit angles. Serve to his backhand to get weak returns that you can put away with your next shot.

Serve to his forehand side to get weak returns that you can put away for winners. Well, if you followed my outline thus far, and have had the same success, you will have the opportunity to level up for the last time here.

I chose to upgrade my defensive capabilities because I felt I was still lacking in speed. After you choose which upgrade to use, you will be awarded the " Completely Developed " Achievement worth 25G.

Something to think about: You will be on course to participate in the final Masters Event which is a round robin tournament. The level of difficulty is going to ramp up considerably in that event.

You may want to start looking at Gold Coaches that can enhance your existing attributes, and offer the skills you feel you will need to achieve success.

This may require you to drop your current coach even if you aren't finished with him or her. Special Event Exhibition Match for Peace. This particular special event offers 4, few fans.

The format for this event is doubles play, consisting of a single set of three games. Should you win this match which you should , you will have unlocked a new feature in the game.

See the October comments section further below for details. When Julio is at the net, use a power "A" passing shot right by him.

More times than not, he won't even react to it. More rare actions would be him dumping the ball into the net or having a very weak volley.

Tournament Cincinnati Masters or Toronto Masters. It's disappointing to see that Cincinnati is still a generic tournament without the correct sponsorship such as the Indian Wells and Miami events in this game.

I know for a fact that the title sponsor of the real life event is indeed interested in having proper representation in Top Spin.

Having said that, you can play in either event: If you do the same, you may play the following: Nikolai has weak groundstrokes when you hit shots to the upper right corner of the court from your player's perspective.

Roger has a very loopy cross-court shot that you need to be on the look out for. When receiving Federer's serve on the deuce side, slice your return down the line.

Roger will then hit either cross court or to the middle, leaving the left side completely open. Look for those responses from Roger and hit a hard shot to the left side.

It should end up a winner, or at least set you up for your next shot to be a winner. Star , Elapsed Time: Acquiring new fans should be your top priority at this point.

Either of these events are going to get you between 2,, fans. It's just a matter of whether or not you want to spend the time playing a match or simply pressing a button to be awarded.

I chose the Shanghai event. The players you face may look like this: Ricky has heavier groundstrokes than most of the other "no-name" players in TS4.

For this particular event, if you play him, hit to his backhand as much as possible. Well, if you followed my outline thus far and have had the same success, you will have the opportunity to level up for the last time here.

After you choose which upgrade to use, you will be awarded the "Completely Developed" achievement worth 25g. Special Event Energy Drink Promo.

This special event consists of a best of three set match 3 games per set with the third set being a super tie-break.

Winning this can get you up to 4, new fans in addition to more XP. This tournament is the finale of each season, and will be the biggest challenge you've experienced thus far in the game.

While pro-players' serves still fall within the mph range, their groundstrokes and shot selection noticeably ramp up in the semifinals and finals here.

Serve to his backhand every time. Take what he returns back to you and hit it to the opposite side i. Serve to Andy's forehand, then take what he returns back to you and make your next shot down the line.

Many times, you will see Andy pause when doing this. He simply gives up and doesn't chase after the ball. End of Season Stats: Win 2 Grand Slams, Have , fans Goal: Special Event Sponsor Challenge Aveberry 4.

I personally want to complete all of those I've skipped over, and unlock the remaining options. Feel free to choose whichever you want going forward.

This is the first Grand Slam of the year and may test your custom character's ability. Hopefully by now you have picked up on a good coach to supplement your current attribute scores and provide you with some useful skills.

While your opponent's serves are unlikely to exceed mph, their shot making becomes a bit more unpredictable, particularly in the semifinals and finals.

Your first few rounds should be relatively easy walkovers. You may face the following opponents: Expect to invest about anywhere between 50 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes to complete this tournament.

He'll likely hit his reply in your vicinity. Hit one more shot to where he's standing at the corner of the court to "plant" him there.

Take his next shot and go down the line. So, it should go like this: Power up your 'X' button and slice your return down the line and charge the net using the "RB" button pressing and holding it as you are slicing the ball.

Your initial shot may be a winner but if not, you should be in good position to hit a volley winner off his attempt at passing you. Do this from both sides.

Many times, Roddick will return your serve not to far from the middle of the baseline. In this case, use 'RB' to run over to the ball and then whack it cross court for a winner.

Andy doesn't move very well from corner to corner as described previously. You may also slice the ball using just 'B' in addition to moving the left analog stick a bit for direction to force him even wider.

He'll get the ball back to you but around mid court. Have your 'A' button held and hit a powerful flat ball to the open court for a clean winner.

His return on that side isn't as strong as his forehand. When this happens, return his serve down the line with powered 'X'. A "Diesel Return" skill helps a lot with this.

Roger will likely get this ball, but he'll have to lunge to get it. For a brief moment, he'll be out of position to where you can take his ball and hit it to the open court for a winner.

A tight top spin shot might be necessary to execute to the successful pass. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser.

Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Editorial Reviews From Booklist When Katie Sanford blows an interview for her dream job as a music journalist by showing up drunk, the magazine gives her a surprising second offer.

But what starts as an unusual gig soon leads Katie into some surprising friendships, an attraction to a kindly but distant celebrity manager, and painful insights about her troubled family life and her long-denied alcoholism.

While the ending is obvious from the first page, McKenzie endows what could have been a formulaic, tired plot with finely drawn characters, broad humor, and a sweet and satisfying romance between equals.

Her descriptions of rehab are as candid as they are sympathetic. She laughs with her characters at the pain, frustration, and, at times, absurdity of the recovery process, which here includes a stint on a trapeze, without laughing at the misery and destructive behavior that bring people to treatment.

Her relentless positivity is contagious. She is a writer to watch. SPIN is all at once comic, heart-breaking, and life-affirming.

A thoroughly engaging debut. With fresh, fast-paced storytelling and a personable, self-deprecating protagonist, McKenzie whirls a perfectly indulgent tale.

For readers who enjoy a light, breezy love story, this book clips along well and satisfies. Many will likely find this book enjoyable and a worthy debut effort by Catherine McKenzie.

See all Editorial Reviews. Product details File Size: February 7, Sold by: Share your thoughts with other customers.

Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention catherine mckenzie dream job main character music magazine really enjoyed amber sheppard chick lit bridget jones turning the pages second chance job interview looking forward next door highly recommend inside scoop gossip magazine drinking problem get the job still drunk easy read.

Showing of reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I loved this book from the first page. I loved the pacing and humor and the protagonist, Kate.

The day before a job interview at a dream job writing about music for a magazine called The Line, her friend invites her out for a drink, which turns into many drinks.

At one point she has to run to the bathroom to vomit. The woman who follows her recommends AA, which Kate thinks is ridiculous. She screwed up this interview, but it was just a one-time mistake.

Amber used that success to star in two successful horror films and a movie that garnered her an Oscar nomination. Bob, the owner of The Line, also owns a magazine called Gossip Central.

The story is fun and fast-paced. I've now read 4 books written by this author and I have to say that this one is my favorite but first a general review of the author: I read a lot and I find some books simply exhausting.

Many authors just try too hard to incorporate too many time periods, too many characters and too many story lines.

As someone who works and reads in their little spare time, I often have to work too hard to figure out what is going on in a book.

Catherine McKenzie is smarter than that. She gives us one story line and one main character and she fleshes out both to perfection. She doesn't jump all over the place in time periods so that we are constantly puzzling over the chronological order of events.

I enjoy reading her books. Reading them feels enjoyable instead of taxing. I want to pick the book back up again after I have put it down so I can find out what happened.

Spin is the story of a young woman, Katie Sandford who shows up for an interview for her dream job, late and still drunk from the night before and ends up mid-interview throwing up in the bathroom.

End of job interview. But they decide to give her a second chance which comes with a caveat - 30 days in rehab befriending and reporting on a celebrity who is in that same rehab.

I won't give away anything else about the story but it is good and I really liked it. I recommend this book, especially if you just want something enjoyable to read that doesn't make you have to keep an excel spreadsheet of all the characters and what they are doing and when.

Spin is a really fun, captivating read, full of great characters and a story ripped from the tabloid headlines, but smarter and funnier.

Kate, turning 30 and hoping to land her dream job, unfortunately shows up at her interview drunk.

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